Case Study:
ECCO Medical

Using Digital Marketing as a tool to increase visibility, website traffic, and qualified new patients to your practice.

Where: Denver, Colorado

Who: Interventional Radiologists specializing in arterial disease, prostate enlargement, uterine fibroids, liver cancer, knee pain, and vein/leg issues.


Patient Profile: ECCO Medical

OBL Marketing collaborated with Dr. Aaron Kovaleski and Dr. Charles Nutting of ECCO Medical, based in Denver, CO, with the objective of enhancing their digital marketing efforts, primarily focusing on their website conversion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. The project aimed to increase ECCO Medical’s online visibility, clicks, and patient intake by targeting relevant search terms in Google for PPC marketing and for SEO. This was done by optimizing their website for those search terms and user experience. You can also hear Dr. Kovaleski discuss his marketing strategies and how he built his practice on the BackTable Podcast. 

Patient Intake Assessment  

Our team conducted an initial analysis of ECCO Medical, including website design and overall visibility to everyday “searchers”. The results of this meeting were unsurprising to the Docs: they knew they needed help. They wanted to expand their clinic and marketing into TV & radio, but first needed to build their foundation. Their online storefront needed to reflect their practice, their doctors & the life-changing services they offer. The problems they were facing included:


  1. Relying Heavily on Doctor referrals and word of mouth
  2. Potential patients who do not know these procedures exist
  3. Very few contact forms and calls from new patients through the website
  4. Lack of visibility for ECCO online when patients were looking for alternatives
  5. The ECCO brand name and Doctors’ names were not showing properly when searched on Google

How Did the Website Look?

Showing up on pages 4, 5, 6 of Google and beyond when 75% of people will never go past page 1 of search results.

Not optimized for top keywords that prospective patients were using to search

Not user-friendly and missing opportunities for conversions (i.e. Quizzes to qualify patients, easy-to-click phone #s and forms, testimonials, videos, etc.)

Understanding the Problem

ECCO Medical faced challenges in attracting new patients for their top interventional radiology procedures due to limited online visibility. Their website lacked optimization for relevant keywords, and the user experience was not optimized for conversion, resulting in missed opportunities to capture potential patients.

The Goal

The primary goal of the case study was to develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, with a strong focus on SEO efforts, PPC marketing, and website conversion. The first step to increase  ECCO Medical’s online presence was to improve rankings for relevant and critical keywords such as “best treatment for fibroids Colorado,” “knee embolization Denver,” and “uterine fibroids Denver,” and drive targeted traffic to their website, which would be optimized for conversions for new patients. With these goals in place, the outcome would be to  increase new patient intake for a wide range of interventional radiology treatments.

Our Role

As the Digital Marketing Specialists in this project, our role was to lead the SEO and PPC strategies, gameplan, campaign creation, and execution. OBL Marketing conducted in-depth keyword research, proposed website UX design changes for better conversion, and managed PPC campaigns to drive traffic to the website.

OBL Marketing’s Action Items

  • Identify key search terms
  • Optimize website for those keywords
  • Utilize PPC to gain immediate traffic
  • Optimize website for new patient conversion

Potential patients seeking alternatives to treatments like hysterectomies, painful knee surgeries, and long recovery times who, in many cases, do not know about interventional radiology procedures are the primary target audience. They need to be educated through a strong website and web presence that informs them of alternative options. They are looking for reliable medical services and valuable information about the treatments offered. A user-friendly website that provides a seamless experience is crucial for building trust and encouraging conversions.

Pain Point:

The main pain point faced by potential patients was the difficulty in finding relevant and trustworthy information about specific interventional radiology treatments, leading to uncertainty in choosing ECCO Medical for their medical needs.

The Treatment Plan

Our treatment plan consisted of 3 parts – a combination of Search Engine Optimization, Digital Ads, and Website work.

Search Engine Optimization

We conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-impact keywords for interventional radiology treatments. We optimized ECCO Medical’s website content, meta tags, and structure to improve rankings and increase organic traffic. Additionally, we focused on local SEO to target patients in the Denver area.

Paid Digital Advertising

We created targeted PPC campaigns to increase clicks and calls to ECCO Medical. By using relevant keywords and compelling ad copies, we attracted potential patients actively seeking interventional radiology treatments. We continually monitored and optimized the campaigns to maximize ROI and conversion rates.

Website Conversion Optimization & Clean Up

We proposed UX design changes to enhance the website’s user experience and improve conversion rates. These changes included:

1. Clear Call-to-Action

2. Simplified Navigation

3. Mobile Optimization

Treatment Outcome

Through the comprehensive digital marketing efforts, ECCO Medical experienced a significant increase in online visibility, website traffic, and patient intake. The SEO strategies resulted in top rankings for relevant keywords, driving targeted organic traffic. The PPC campaigns successfully increased clicks and calls to the practice, leading to a notable surge in patient inquiries.

Throughout the project, we learned the importance of data-driven strategies, continuous optimization, and user-centric website design to achieve successful outcomes in the competitive digital marketing landscape. 


Increase in New Patients


Increase in Website Visits


Increase in Organic Traffic


Target Keywords Ranking on Pg 1